Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My big 40 birthday!!!

Ok so yes I hit a mile stone this month!! And believe me, when I say I hit 40 as hard as it is going to hit me :-). 

40 is an age that I wasn't scared of reaching, like some are! In fact I really do not feel that I am 40... 

So the morning of my birthday, I was greeted with a very excited Amelia. She had been hiding a secret for weeks and she was now bursting to tell me. I had a birthday cake which the hubster and her had got made for me, along side a brand new car. Yes I did say a brand new car!! 

I know I was so speechless (that doesn't happen often) I very nearly cried!! I had been brought a white and black Citroen DS3 and at the weekend I would be picking her up and bringing her home. 
Meet Dolly!!! 

I was lead downstairs to the lounge where Abbie, Alfie and Maisie had all been up balloons, with 40 on them, and placed them around my present and card from them all. My present was a gorgeous silver Michael Kors watch. I must say I felt very loved and gifted to have such hard working, generous and thoughtful children. 

Well I made my way into work with a bag full of cakes, doughnuts and birthday cake to be greeted and hugged by everyone I saw on my way to my class that morning. I really felt like royalty. I arrived, eventually at my classroom with 40 banners stuck to the door and around the classroom and all the children shouting Happy Birthday!!! 

I hate being centre of attention so could of quite easily of hid in my cupboard. So the day continued as normal really until it was break time and I was summoned to the steps of the playground to receive my gift from everyone at work. As I was opening my gifts in the freezing cold I hasten to add, my colleagues began signing 'happy birthday', to which the children also joined in and shortly after it was the whole school singing to me!!   I was given a beautiful ring from Pandora and they had all organised a meal out which was also paid for!! I do love my work family and the children. 

After a special day at work, where everyone made sure I had an amazing day, I went home and got myself ready for a meal out with my beautiful family and a free friends. One friend I have had for over 20 years!! It's always great to see him. 

I had so many gifts I was truly grateful and felt very appreciated. My beautiful mummy friends from Amelia's school also treated me the weekend before to a spa day and a heart shaped charm for my pandora bracelet. 

Well the events didn't end there because on the following Thursday was my birthday meal with my work family!! Wow what a night an Indian and fantastic company!  We was minus a work family member but we made sure she didn't miss out in anyway what so ever. 
She took pride of place in the centre of the table in her favourite drinking glass!! 

I must say it total my 40th birthday was amazing  and made amazing by all my amazing family and friends. 

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