Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hip Hop International Competition

Apologises for not being on here recently, however I have been playing taxi for Maisie as she prepared for her Hip Hop International competition this weekend!

Maisie and the crew she dances with were all totally axing at both dancing and their attitude to other dancers. As a parent I was immensely proud of them all. 

I am very proud to announce that the crew Maisie is in IMD/Shakethat, came 2nd in the competition ( making then 2nd in the UK), and have qualified to represent UK in the HHI finals in San Dieago, California in August!!!! 

We are currently hosting events in order to help raise funds for both Maisie and her duo partner, who is also in the crew to be able to send these girls off on a fantastic opportunity in dance. I will post what it is that we are doing and how well the girls have done of course...

Thank you for all your support so far in my blog and hope you continue to enjoy catching up with us :-) 
Lou xx

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Keeping out the Bugs!

Thursday 16th April

Keeping out the bugs!

With us having a few days of sun, both the girls mentioned just how many wasps and bugs there were trying to attack their drinks.

Whilst going through my news feed on Facebook, I saw this site which had the answers to the girls problem with their drinks and bugs! 

So here are the girls beginning to make theirs 

Girls sorting their beads out to make their Cup Covers

Finished crafts

What have you been up too during the holidays?

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Herne Bay

Sunday 5th April

Herne Bay

After being indoors all morning ironing, we decided to get ready and take the girls to the beach for a few hours and a bite to eat. So off we went to Herne Bay, Thanet.

Althou it was a little windy, it wasn’t cold out, which made a change. First stop (traditionally) was the beach itself, so we could throw stones in to the sea, seeing who’s go’s the furthest. Leaving both the girls to have fun on the shore, the hubster and I took a  seat and watched them.  The sun was bright making it a really lovely evening, it was a little busy but nothing too much. 

We walked along the front, before turning back and going in to the arcades for the ‘good ole 2p machines’. All four kids love these 2p machines, mind you they are a hit with Dave and I too.

We decided on our way back to the car to find the Beefeater, just outside of Herne bay for a bite to eat, but in fact ended up at The Oyster Bed (A Marston’s). This was obviously a new establishment due to all its fresh garden area and overall look of the place. Inside was rather impressive too. Plenty of staff available also which was nice, as usually you always have to hang around waiting for someone to come over to seat you, not this time! We were told that we could have a seat, but within the last 10 minutes they had seated quite a few people so there may be a longer than usual wait for our food.. I found this to be very useful and considerate of the deputy manager who was showing us to our seats. 

Once seated, we were informed that it was total table service (always a added bonus when you have kids with you!). We placed our drinks order with the once again very friendly waitress (Louise), who then asked if we had been before and because we hadn't she explained it all to us, and they left both the girls with colouring

Our orders were placed and we were expecting this longer wait, however within 20 mins our food which was all freshly cooked was served to us pipping hot! Dave had Yee-ha Burger with chunky chips and homemade coleslaw, both Maisie and I had the Classic burger also served with Chunky chips and homemade coleslaw and onion rings and Amelia had the kids menu of Birds Eye Chicken Dippers, Mini waffles and sweet corn. These  portions were very generous indeed and each and everyone of us cleared our plates!

The food was amazing. The burgers were made of pure steak, and tasted amazing. The staff and deputy manager were always popping over for a chat, making sure everything was ok and generally being friendly!

After our mains, we decided to try the dessert menu... Ooh lala, they were out of this world! Maisie and I had the Melt in the Middle Chocolate Cake with ice cream, whilst Dave had Sticky Toffee Doughnut cake with custard, Amelia decided she couldn’t eat anymore and didn’t have a dessert. 
Well my eyes were certainly bigger than my belly, as I could only eat half of my dessert, however Dave had no problem polishing it off hehe!
So 4 soft drinks, 1 alcohol drink, 4 main courses (all containing steak) and 3 desserts all came in at £60... Impressed?
We certainly were, especially with the added fantastic service, which in todays day and age is alway a added bonus!

Definitely worth going along during the day too, as they have a small inside area for under 5s whilst they also have an outside area for under 12s. the seating areas out side also look good, obviously we didn’t use these as it was heading towards 6.30pm when we arrived, but on our departure all the outside area was lit up with fairy lights making it look rather special!
The Oyster Bed by night
Have you ever found yourself in a restaurant that gave you a service that woo'd you?

Happy Easter

From us here at Mr, Mrs and Mini Me's we wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Easter!!! 

We are having a craft day at home today. What are your plans?

Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter Egg Hunt at Leeds Castle

Friday 3rd April 

Easter Egg Hunt

We woke this morning to the weather being dull and wet, however we wasnt going to let this put us off going along on a egg hunt at Leeds Castle, sponsored by Lindt. So we set off early afternoon as this is a venue that is on our doorstep as such!

On our arrival, we went to purchase our Egg hunt cards which were only £1 per child, we were given the option of two. These were both easy hunts, however one was shorter than the other, so we took one of each, having both the girls with us aged 6 and 12.

Amelia’s hunt was to find the 8 very colourful eggs, which each had a letter on, around the Woodland walk. Once she had all 8 letters, Amelia had to rearrange them to make a word. Maisie’s trail was to answer questions on the circus themed characters and to then break the code. Both the girls also had to count how many easter bunnies they could find hiding around the grounds. The girls managed to spot 18, but there were 2 hiding!!! Their reward for the hunt was a chocolate Egg.

The girls missed the jester juggling so went for a play in the Knights Realm Play area, which is a scaled model of the castle for all ages starting from 5. The knights Realm has secret tunnels, slides, bash bags rope walk ways as well as a sand play area. Due to the weather starting to rain again we took a walk around the castle itself. It was a first time for all of us, and to say we were amazed by its history was an understatement!.. Because of the weather we left the Maze out today, however as we have the annual passes, this means that we can go back on a dry day and take part in the bits we didn’t do today.

There were many other activities also happening today and all over Easter from the children learning a variety of circus skills, having their faces painted, having a go at archary to the children taking part in decorating an egg in the Fairfax Restaurant at a fee of £2, which includes all materials. (You can book online and receive a 10% discount)

This Easter Hunt is on at Leeds Castle until 19th April, and is great for keeping the kids amused. 

Have you got any plans for a easter hunt?

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bored??? No reason to be now!

Thursday 2nd April 2015

Half- Term Activities

Well now that the Easter holidays are upon us, I am determined to not hear the kids moan that they are bored… Optimistic I know!!!

Searching my Pinterest board, I found that I had pinned a previous pin by A Diary of a Frugal Family, so we have today made our own...

With both the girls we have coloured in lolly sticks and written ideas down of what to do if they become bored..  We have things from going to the park, museum to making something from recycling, writing a story, cooking and even having a pamper day!!!

What do you have planned for this half-term??...