Thursday, 25 June 2015

Arts & Crafts

Recently I have joined up with Toucan Box, to gain a few more ideas for crafts. the added bonus with Toucan box is that they provide you with everything that you would need for each craft that they post out to you.

We are slowly gaining a collection of these boxes ready to have craft days during the summer holidays and set themes! Each box arrives and with excitement we open it to see what the activity is. It is then that we have to restrain ourselves by having to tuck it away for a few more weeks - However each one has given us great ideas for theme days which both the girls are going to love….

Keep your eyes peeled for each craft that we do, as we are going to be blogging about each one and doing our own reviews (not paid for) just so other parents, like you, can see what fun these boxes are and just how affordable they are!

What things do you have planned for the summer holidays?

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Very Proud!!

Maisie and the hubster left at 5am on Tuesday 9th June to head for Poland to join the rest of Team GB in the European Championships. 

Maisie's first dance was scheduled for Wednesday 10th at 12.05. This was her duo with her friend Elicia. Both have only been together 5.5 months and qualified to be able to represent the country. They have trained hard and danced harder on the day of the comp! They were ranked 57th in Europe out of 87. 

Thursday Maisie danced her solo in the Under 16s. Because I was unable to go, Maisie and I kept in contact over the phone. She was incredibly nervous and like me applies too much pressure on herself and then beats herself up afterwards when she feels she hasn't been successful, even thou she was amazing!  Maisie was on the dance floor and the compair of the event was calling her and ended up cancelling her number! I was sat at work, on lunch, watching the live stream shouting at the screen that she was on the floor. I was a complete mess, sweaty palms, tearful and nothing I could do. However the hubster stepped in and told the dance teacher who sorted it out for her. Maisie 'smashed' her solo but unfortunately didn't make it to the next round. This is where Maisie doubted her abilities again! :-( Maisie was ranked 61st out of 103 dancers. Maisie was also in fact one of the younger dancers in her category and this is something wekeep reminding her of as there is still 3 years of her dancing in this category!!! 

We as parents are so proud of her achievements and everything she does. We next have the Hip Hop International street Dance Competition in San Diego, USA during August where we as a family are all going to support her! Then off to Italy in October for the World Championships!!

What have you been up to recently??? 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

European hip hop dance competition - Poland

At 5am today (09/06/15) both my daughter, Maisie and her duo partner, Elicia set off for the European Championships in Poland with Elicia's mum and my hubster! 

They arrived safely after a very bumpy landing in Krakow just before midday. Once collecting the rental car and the hubster getting used to driving on the right, gear stick on the right and road signs meaning nothing to either of them, They arrived at a McDonald's for a bite to eat!  

Apparently the hotel is lovely, swimming pool, spa and cheap beer. Well the adults are happy!!! The girls have caught up with other members of their dance school and seem to be having a great time without me :-(. I was unable to get the time off of work! 

Well tomorrow is when both girls step on to the dance floor and dance their socks off. In the space of 6 months these girls have become duo partners, ranked in the top 10 of Britian and now dancing in the European championships. I can not tell you how proud we are, and skint!!! 

Tomorrow I will be logging on to watch them dance love, whilst at work! It's ok I have checked with management ;-).. 

Before the girls left for Poland they had a few pictures taken by their dance teacher.. So here they are 

Girls we are your biggest supporters back here at home and wish you all the best for tomorrow. Just remember regardless of the result tomorrow you have achieved so much already and to get out there, smash it and mainly enjoy every moment!!! Have fun!