Monday, 28 December 2015

It's been a while...

Well it's been a while since I last posted, apologises. 

I hope you have all had a great Christmas and that Father Christmas brought both you and your children everything wished for. We certainly did and have been very spoilt too! 

Ok so let's back track a little to October. In October I joined Maisie with her dance school in Rimini, Italy for the IDO World Championships. Maisie competed with her team Ino8 who were placed 12th out of 39 in the world. Maisie also competed in  Battle Crews. This was a first for her dance school and they did amazingly, coming 3rd place. It ended with it being a England podium as Uk took all three positions! Maisie's crew Switch came 13th also. What a trip it was. This was the last time that the crew Switch all danced with their original dancers before saying a sad Fairwell to one of their sisters, friend & dancers, and what a high to finish off! 
Ok so November, this was filled with birthdays for both Amelia and Abbie. It was Abbie's 21st birthday and what a mix of emotions it was too. Abbie's present was a holiday to Sharm, however with all the terrorist attacks it was cancelled, leaving her feeling disappointed but safe! In stead we have sorted a spa day for both me and her. 

We then had to organise Christmas so the shopping began!! None of the children knew what they wanted making it extremely hard for us to buy for them. We started the morning off at home then travelled to London to spend the rest of the day with my parents in my childhood home.

Alfie wants to go travelling next year so asked for items he can take with him on his journey or items that he needs for working whilst away. 

Abbie didn't know at all what she wanted so when she saw things she would post them to us on the Whatsapp group she had set up with some of our family members! However was pleasantly surprised when she received a few surprises, such as her Pandora jewerelly. 

Maisie was happy to have the compete contents of Adidas for Christmas and that was it, however we saw a huge speaker that she can use in the garage which will soon become her dance studio! She was a very happy girl and couldn't believe we had surprised her with such a good gift! 

Amelia, 6 years old and only things she asked for were Don't take Busters bones game and the Vintage Silver Cross dolls pram. Well I am in love with her pram totally!!! It is amazing. Built to high standards as silver cross do but this item can also now stay in the family for many years! 

As for Dave and I we just sat back Christmas morning watching the kids open their presents and watching their faces of excitement was enough for us. We were also spoilt with jewerelly, clothing, toiletries and a weekend away! 

This was the last Christmas there as my parents have sold their house to move into Kent. It's going to be a sad day what with the house being filled with all my brothers and my childhood memories, but new memories to be made in their new home! 

Our Boxing Day was spent around my inlaws, we arrived before my brother in law and his partner so we began with a couple of old traditional games. Once Ian and Becca arrived tea was served. Traditional cold meats, pickles and Bubble and Squeak!! 

Well we all Wish you a very Happy New Year and will be back again soon with another Blog