Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Gruffalo Experience

Last Sunday (06/09/15), I had to go to Bluewater to exchange Maisie's school bag as it had become faulty. Amelia and I arrived a little early so had a walk around and stumbled across The Gruffalo Experience shop. Amelia asked to go in (the gruffalo is her favourite book and Julia Donaldson is her favourite author) and have a look. I thought it would be a lovely last minute treat for us both to do before going back to school the next day, so booked tickets for the 12.30 show. Ticket prices were £11.50 per person. Amelia was extreamly excited. 

We had to arrive a little early, so made our way round about 12.10. On booking in, we were both given mouse ears, and the children had gruffalo colouring sheets, a large game of connect 4 which had the gruffalo characters on each disc for them to play with.  

Our guide was a lovely young lady who asked the children what the gruffalo looked like as well as asking them to make sure he wasn't in our waiting area. The young lady reminded the children of the story and then lead us through the deep dark woods. We sat down in the woods and came across the fox, the owl and the snake, who were all very good quality puppets. The guide gave the children facts on each of these animals as well as going through the story with help from the children. Next we moved round deeper into the woods and here we recapped the story and watched a video of when the mouse said he was the scariest creature and how the gruffalo was impressed. It was here that the gruffalo also made an appearance!!! Amelia was glued to the show all the way through. 

After the final part of the show, there was the opportunity to have your picture done with the Gruffalo. Amelia was first in line for this and have him the biggest squeeze she possibly could. 

The show in total was 50 mins, just right for younger children as they wasn't expected to sit still, and the guide got the children up to act out the story also. This was a day that Amelia describes as 'the best day of the holidays so far'. As much as I enjoyed the event, I do feel that a consession few would of been more acceptable for parents. However good quality time spent with my princes is priceless. 

This show runs Saturday 8th August - Sunday 13th September.