Saturday, 25 July 2015

Street Dance XXL, Wembley Arena

Our day started at 6am when the alarm begain screaming in my ear to get up and wake Maisie who was getting ready to leave for Wembley Arena. 

I dropped Maisie off with her friends for them all to travel into London. As soon as they arrived, rehursals begain. These kids work extremely hard all day and performed hard too. This was proved when they received the first standing ovation of the day, and they were last on!! 

The results were announced and IMD came 1st in their category, Over18s and then were pronounced overall winners of the Street Dance XXL competition for the 2nd year running. Retaining their title. We are so proud of our Maisie's progress with IMD, and thank them for giving and sharing these opportunities with her. 

Lil sister was so proud of her bigger sister!!! 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


On Sunday, we were up and out mega early again. Why? Well because it was competition day of course!!

Maisie and her dance friends all competited at the competition in Grays, Essex. 

The running order was solos, crew, duo and teams. The comp was ment to start at 9.30, but they never seem to do. There is just so much organising to do before hand. So Maisie and her friends were up and prasticing their routines and listening to the music ready for solos. 

The comp actually kicked off at 10. Maisie went into the under 14s advanced and freestyled her dance. Maisie got through to the next round, and then did a spot light section. Again Maisie danced her socks off and was in her teachers words "sick" and took 1st Place. Proud we are!! 

Next up was crews, now our lil crew were amazing but the judges were not on our side this week, obviously looking for different dance to what they delivered!

Duo. This was a hard section as it went straight to a final but the girls have it there all even thou they had done their duo for weeks and were placed 3rd in Under14s Advanced. 

Next up were the teams. I love watching this section of the comp. The team danced and to be honest were the strongest team in their category Under 16s Advanced. This was proved by the team coming 1st place!!! Overall a fantastic day with everyone and some astonishing results. 

We have some more news to tell soon but it's all a secret for now.  Eeeek! 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


As a family, we have very little time all together, so I therefore took it upon myself to book a short break away with The Sun Holidays with Haven.

I love Great Yarmouth, a coastal town in Norfolk so decided we would book somewhere there. Hopton-On-Sea it was!

So we set off on the Friday evening, traffic was kind to us, thankfully, but still took us nearly 4 hours to get there!.. We were aware that we may arrive after the reception office closed, so a call before leaving, to ask what we were to do on our arrival is what I did. The staff were in fact very help full and told us not to worry, but to go to security at the main Entertainment door and they would help us.

On our travels, I admired the views of fields, upon fields, watching the animals and dreaming of life by the sea or out in the country. My dreams are to live in a very dual area surrounded by wildlife. On our arrival, we were greeted by a real cheery guy, who gave us our pack and keys and gave clear directions to our caravan. The van was very clean, but basic for a luxury caravan, however we were only using it for a base. So off to the club to have a quick look around before finding the local convenience store to grab some milk (I had packed everything else but milk… der…) 

Our first full day on the site was a great day, we took a walk through the park to the sandy beach. Maisie can not go anywhere, without practising her dance routines and being on the sandy beach, wasn't going to stop her either. 

We were there for a couple of hours before heading back to the site as it kept clouding over and getting chilly. We walked along to the entertainment hub and gave the kids money for the arcades, which they loved and won many little treasures. 

We decided to stay on site and have lunch at the sites restaurant which was a winner with us all, and the prices weren't too bad either!.. The girls made kites to fly, so went off flying them 

whilst Hubster and I had a cuppa in the van before going for a mooch around the grounds of the park, with the girls having a go on the bouncy castle, crazy golf and watching others who had booked to do a water sport activity in the pool. Around 7pm we decided to head back to the van and have a chilled evening as the girls didn't want to go over to the club house.

Sunday, the weather was truly rubbish, but then again this is one downside of Great Yarmouth. The weather is either fantastic or rubbish. However this didn't put us off heading to the sea front for the famous arcades called 'The Flamingo' where the girls love to win their treasures, and ride on the machines.  After an hour, the weather stopped so we took a stroll along the breach, which was deserted, but looked fantastic! 

Along the sea front in Great Yarmouth they do Horse and carriage taxi rides and Amelia spotted Cinderellas Coach

We decided just as it began to rain again, to head home. Saying our Goodbyes we all got back into the car and headed home for our long journey back. Arriving home in good time meant there was time to open the case and start the washing machine.

Have you ever been to Great Yarmouth? What are your views on it??