Tuesday, 29 March 2016

I'm back with Mouses updates

Wow I really can not believe that I haven't blogged since January!! To be fair life has been one big massive whirlwind for us both individually and as a family over the past few months!! 

Well we hope everyone is well and have had a great few months... Ok so u want to know what we have been up to right?? Well firstly...
I have as per normal, been Mouse's personal taxi driver. Lots of very important competitions have taken place. 

Blackpool British Qualifiers - Mouse competed in solo, crew, team, big and little, electric boogie solos, battle solos  and electric boogie duos. This was an intense competition as the complete set up was being ran differently to how it is normally ran, and let's just say it wasn't as smooth running as the organisers expected!! Anyway mouse didn't qualify in the solos and big and little however in electronic boogie duos both her and her partner (Beth) came 2nd place qualifying for worlds in Austria, her crew came 4th narrowly missing getting worlds, but qualified for the Europeans in Czech Republic. Her team came 3rd also qualifying for Worlds. 

HIp Hop International, Portsmouth - mouse competed in this competition with IMD in both their new crew Rejets sand in the Mega Crew. IMD juniors won their category, and the Mega Crew came 2nd place but the varsity crews didn't qualify this year unfortunately. 

Mouse then went on in March to work with IMD in their new promo video, in fact she did two!! One we are still waiting on being released. Exciting I know... A promo photo shoot was also done for her with her dance teacher who I must say is a very talented man and fantastic photographer. This was done as mouse has some new opportunities heading her way, I will let you know about these when I can 😉 here are a few pictures that he took. 

Next was a big performance for mouse and IMD at the London Excel in the show Move It. Not only were IMD dancing at this event but they al so we're supporting the charity Dance Aid. This was a fantastic opportunity for mouse and one of which she is very grateful for. 
At this event mouse had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Allison who's show Mouse just loves! So what a day it was to support such a great and worth while cause and meet Jennifer!! 

On Saturday Mouse was asked to attend Pineapple Dance Studios to take part in an audition for London Elite Dance Company. Now this was an audition that was very different to what Mouse is used to, however she embraced the opportunity and walked out nearly 2 hours later with one of the biggest smile les on her face. I was so pleased to see and hear just how much she enjoyed it. Now we are waiting to hear if Mouse made it, but to be honest, we are just grateful to of been given the opportunity to of experienced this audition. 

Then lastly to top of March for Mouse, she went along to 101 Events competition to support a team she helps teach of a weekend and decided to compete in her solo. Mouse won coming 1st place. Now she goes into April with more auditions so I promise to keep you all updated!! 

There are a couple of videos Mouse has on you tube if you want to follow her go to Maisie_IMD9 to watch her freestyle videos. 

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