Thursday, 20 August 2015

Final week of our holiday in USA

So out time had come to leave Harrahs and move to Los Angeles for the final stage of our holiday. This was the part of the holiday that Maisie was able to enjoy as she had no worries about dance. 

Monday 10th August, we packed the car (just) and headed off. On route we were going to visit the outlet centre in Carlsbad. The weather was still hot so to be honest we were grateful of the car ride and air con. We stopped at Carlsbad and to say that I felt I was on cloud 9 was an understatement, Michael Kors, CK, Converse, Vans and many more. Apparently according to the hubster, I was in MK for nearly 2 hrs! I'm not sure on that one so won't argue it lol. Fantastic bargins and amazing Christmas presents were in fact purchased on this day!!

We found our hotel which was basic but comfortable which we were going to need after planning on doing all the theme parks. We grabbed a meal at the resturant next door (burger theory). 100% Beef burgers, cooked to your preference with a constant refil of drinks and great service. 

Tuesday 11th August was the first day of our theme parks and we had chosen Universal Studios. This was a park that I wasn't expecting much from but considering we had us adults, teenagers and a 6 year old we all had fun. Again not may rides were done but we watched as many shows as we could which have a great insight to a few things and answered a few questions you get from the kids whilst watching films. 

The kids met many of the characters and had their pictures done. We did the Simpsons ride which was a simulator and  didn't go down very well with Amelia as scared her a little bit. It sure was different. We were expecting a roller coaster. 

We were at the studios till around 6pm then set off to find the Walk of Fame and the Hollywood sign. It was getting dark and we were all tired, but we kept going and drove to the Hollywood sign first. 

After taking a few pictures, we drove to the walk of fame. On our arrival of it we were all very disappointed. It wasn't anything like you see on tv. The streets were not very clean and there were no lights to be able to clearly see the stars. There wasn't much parking and not knowing the area, we decided to keep on driving and if we had time to go back later in the week,during the day we would. So we headed go back to the hotel and get some sleep. 

Wednesday 12th August. I opened the curtains to be greeted with bright hot sunshine which was great as I was still trying to top my tan whilst doing the parks! Today was Disneyland. We walked to Disney as it was only a 30 min walk along the palm tree footpaths. This was a day that we were all looking forward too. Never too old for Disney! 
We saw some princesses, mickey, Goofey, the transformers and many more. It sure was a hot day, and there didn't seem to be much in the way of shade but we did find some to take a short break and drink a frozen fruit juice. Today was another day that the rides had ques over an hours wait and in the heat wasn't a good idea so both Alfie and Maisie decided not to do the rides but just the sights and characters. 

We were exchusted from the heat but kept going. There were lots of people sat on the sides of the road which went through the park and we gathered it was for the Disney parade so joined the crowded and waited. Wow!!! What a parade!' Disney really know how to put on a show. No expenses were spared. I was like a five year old in total aura of the whole Disney parade. 
What I did find with the street dancers was that they had so much time for kids and those with additional needs. One performer stopped playing his drum and gave his sticks to a lad who loved banging on the drum. His whole face lit up! If Amelia or Maisie were taking any pictures and the dancers saw them, they would stop, pose and either wave or high five them. It truely was magical. 

Whilst sat waiting for the parade we got talking to a couple of local teenage girls, who were telling us about the night time parade and how it was a show not to be missed, as well as the fireworks!! After the parade we went off to do more of the park in Mickeys land where we met Mickey and walked around his house. 

Around 7pm we debated about leaving the park as we were all tired and had, had enough heat and to be honest, just wanted our bed so we headed towards the entrance of the park. We got to the entrance and spoke about just chilling on the path for the next 45 mins for the night parade. It was while we waited for the parade that we saw Goofey. 

We are all so glad we waited, as the whole experience was just was amazing!! 

It was safe to say after two busy days we were begining to flag and even the kids were asking for a day by the pool just chilling. However we had just one more park planned, which was for the next day in Disney Adventure Land. 

Thursday 13th August we all woke between 9am and 10am so didn't rush to get down to the park. We just chilled and took another casual walk once we were all ready. Disney Adventure reminded me of an old time pier. It had a big wheel and rollercoaster over the far side of the lake and generally have the old fashioned impression. We enjoyed it as it wasn't as crowed, the ques for the rides weren't too long (20 mins), it was a little cooler and plenty of shade. We did the Little Mermaid ride. The little mermaid appears to be one of Amelia's new favourite princesses. Then Maisie took Amelia on a ride which went up above the park. Apparently it was nice a cool up in the air!! We got a frozen juice drink and continued our walk round. Going on the toy story shooting ride. We all became very competitive on this ride! However the hubster won! Amelia loved it. 

The parade was about to start so we headed back round the other side of the lake to find a place to sit and wait for it. We didn't wait long before the parade came by. 

After the parade we headed towards Cars Land and continued to do the parts we hadn't. What we did find in these parks was that there were many photo opportunities for us which obviously we up took meaning we have so many fantastic memories to print! 

Well after a full action packed day we headed back to the hotel stopping off in Subway for a snack and got ready for a chilled day by the pool the following day. 

Thursday 14th August, was another hot day which I was pleased about as I wanted to top my tan up before heading back to the wet uk! 
The kids got up, washed, brushed their teeth and went straight down to the pool for lots of fun together. 

  I wasn't planning on moving from this spot! 

                   The kids playing

             Time for a game of ball

  Very rare opportunity, getting a picture of the hubster hehe 

After we had all showered, changed and packed the cases, we headed back to the restuarant next door to the hotel for our last meal in California! 

We can officially say that this was a fantastic family holiday just a shame our Abbie wasn't able to join us!! 

Have you had a holiday of a lifetime?? Where was your most favourite holiday? 

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